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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can easily ruin a good night’s sleep and leave you with itchy red bites. Get in touch with Regional Pest Management Inc. for bed bug removal services in Grimsby. Rely on our high standards in providing dependable pest control services. Our bed bug experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you live in a pest-free home comfortably. For more information, please call us immediately .

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Beg bugs are small, flat, oval reddish-brown bugs that feed off the blood of humans and animals. They have a banded appearance caused by microscopic hairs. After a single feeding, their body will grow to the size of an apple seed and will be a brighter reddish colour. They cannot fly but can crawl up walls, ceilings, and very quickly over a hard floor surface. FACT: some people will not react to bedbug bites, so sometimes they can go unnoticed.

Adult bedbugs are about 1/8th to 3/16th of an inch long and are visible to the naked eye if you’re looking closely enough. On average, bed bugs feed once every four to five days and will go dormant for up to a year if fresh blood is not available.


Bed bug bites can cause health complications such as sleep deprivation and anemia from loss of blood. The bites are very dangerous and itchy and often require over-the-counter treatment to relieve the itchiness. These bites will eventually produce itchy red bumps and welts on the surface of the skin. Bacterial skin infections may also occur due to skin breakage from excessive scratching. Some people might respond to bed bug infestations with insomnia, fear, stress, anxiety and even paranoia. Sometimes people can become too distressed to sleep due to the fear of being bitten, and the lack of sleep can trigger depression.


Successfully eliminating bed bugs is a time-consuming affair and requires extensive knowledge and skill. Our team uses aerosol chemicals, Actisol® Commercial Units, commercial vacuums and bed bug climb-up interceptors to remove bed bugs. You will have to empty nightstands, dressers and other furniture before we start the bed bug removal process. Our experts thoroughly inspect all the furniture before selecting the appropriate treatment.

We’ll inspect your home 30 days later to ensure there are no more bugs. Your satisfaction and comfort is our priority.


Make sure to place all the box springs and mattresses in bug-proof zippered bags after the initial treatment.


Highly Recommend

“We have only good things to say about Mike! He came and treated our house for bed bugs. He was courteous, kind and professional. And honest. He even offered to do a third spray of our house at no charge if we saw any signs of the bugs again. Highly recommended!”

- Dan G.


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