A cockroach infestation is a dreadful sight. Not only are they a threat to our health, but they also make most of us uncomfortable. There are various types of cockroaches found in North America, of which the German cockroach is the most common. Getting rid of German cockroaches requires us to understand their reproductive rates, harbourage areas and food attractants. At Regional Pest Management Inc., our pest control service experts have the experience in finding and eliminating German cockroaches within homes and commercial properties such as hotels and restaurants. Contact us now for help!

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How to Identify What Type of Cockroach You Have?

Go through the differences of each of these cockroaches to help you identify them properly for future pest control management.

  Brown-banded cockroach
Brown-banded cockroaches grow between 10-15mm in length. Usually found crawling on kitchen counters or behind the refrigerator, they will prefer dark warm and wet areas. They have been reported to spread at least 30 kinds of bacteria and several kinds of human pathogens.

  German cockroach
German cockroaches are typically a smaller cockroach, usually around 1-1.5 cm in length. They vary in colour from tan to black. They can be very easily transported from a grocery store or a commercials supplier, even from friends or neighbours. Female ootheca can sometimes contain up to 50 cockroach eggs, but more common is approximately 20.

What Damage Do They Cause?

Cockroaches cause a wide variety of health problems as they carry 33 different kinds of bacteria, as well as many pathogens. They are also known to aggravate allergies. If their infestation is not controlled, they can also cause long-term damage to your home.

Our Solution

At Regional Pest Management Inc., our goal is to eradicate all the cockroaches in your property. This process requires patience and close attention to detail. As there might be a high number of cockroaches in your property, we provide a minimum of two applications to ensure 100% pest removal. We use tools such as commercial vacuums, gel baits, glue boards and liquid chemicals. You can rely on us to be methodical and observant.

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Ants, bed bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, pantry pests and spiders – we exterminate them all.

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